How We Work


Our consulting services, targeted coaching, support, and governance assist financial service providers in providing high-quality financial instruments and services that contribute to a world with economic opportunity for all.

Our advisory services combine decades of on-the-ground expertise with insights into emerging technologies.

Financial service companies confront strategic and operational obstacles, such as legal, staffing, and technology issues. Digital technology is causing enormous disruption throughout the industry. Regulations differ from one country to the next. The work is significantly more difficult for organisations operating in emerging economies and with underprivileged groups.

Our advisory services assist established financial service providers with growth strategy and planning, customer strategy, digital channels, business processes and operational efficiency, and risk analytics. We advise start-ups on growth, customer acquisition and segmentation, cost optimization, channel strategy, human resource planning, and fundraising. By solving these difficulties, we can build well-managed, mission-driven companies that achieve size, impact, and returns.

We help our clients

Increase back office efficiencies to enable better customer service

Design meaningful products that matter to their customers

Reduce portfolio risk

Navigate their transformation journey

Develop and implement strategies to scale sustainably

Increase back office efficiencies to enable better customer service

Define the right channels mix to reach their target customers


We make equity and quasi-equity investments in companies that expand, improve, and accelerate financial inclusion around the globe.

We invest in products and services that benefit the world's three billion financially underserved people, from pre-seed through growth-stage.

Stratvisors invests in products and services that help the world's three billion financially disadvantaged people. We assist in the creation of well-run, mission-driven, and efficient organisations that achieve size, impact, and profits by making equity and quasi-equity investments in inclusive fintech start-ups, microfinance institutions, and other financial service providers. This provides these groups with the tools and insights they require to achieve substantial scale and broaden the breadth of inclusive financial products and services.


We partner with groups to keep our work generating new products, markets, and policies going.

Institutional partnerships are critical to increasing financial inclusion and ensuring the long-term viability of what Stratvisors accomplishes.

We take chances by creating new products, markets, and policies that aren't suited to established commercial players. However, these pilots and new projects may eventually help nurture important new markets or consumer groups; we collaborate with our institutional partners, sharing our experiences in these new areas as well as the most effective ways to work there. We will create a financially inclusive society for this generation with your aid, in which every individual has access to high-quality, affordable financial services and economic opportunity.


We perform rigorous research and fight for evidence-based reform in order to develop inclusive financial systems for billions of people who lack the tools they require to better their lives and succeed.

We share insights and advocate on behalf of clients to build a financially inclusive world

Stratvisors works to improve the industry's ability to serve, protect, and empower clients. We share insights and advocate on customers' behalf to ensure that individuals and small companies all around the globe have better financial tools that allow them to develop resilience, grow, and succeed.

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