About Us

Stratvisors provides consulting and advisory services to Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Corporates in management, strategic direction, digital processes, and business development.

We have extensive experience advising clients across various industries on transactions involving acquisitions, equity raising, listing in capital markets, stake enhancements, project advisory, joint ventures, disposals, corporate structuring, Risk assessment and valuations of projects, businesses, and financial products, brands and licensing products.

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Our Approach

When viewed as a filter funnel, our disciplined thesis-driven methodology seeks to invest in emerging Indian industry leaders. Our approach's fundamental steps are as follows:

Understanding Perspective Suitability

We examine an investment idea first through the lens of its contextual fit to the Indian economy, where certain structural indicators and economic gaps represent opportunity, then through the lens of socio - economic fit, where Anchor Trends co-exist, and finally through the lens of Tech Context, where Core Tech Platforms enable rapid growth and Coffers of Opportunity emerge as a result.

Sectoral Advantage

We chose to focus on possibilities that we truly understand in terms of their revolutionary potential, whether by lowering the intricacy and rigidity of services or by developing platforms on a large scale. We then consider the market prospects created by this potential, as well as its revolutionary nature as an advocator rather than an indication of success.

Foundational Teams

We understand that entrepreneurial success is a mix of executing, pivoting, learning, and executing again, thus we are inclined toward execution. Our founders are disproportionately mission-driven in their work and can explain the "why" of their vision, not just the "what" and "how." Our founding teams get along well on a personal level as well as a professional level. Along with Product Capabilities, we look for a good Go-To-Market Strategy and Sales prowess.

Enterprise Framework

With our vision of solid unit economic models, inter-linked customer value and monetization, and a defensible business with a structural moat. We invest in founding teams that are laser-focused on execution and can scale 100x while providing higher value to customers and have a lengthy growth runway ahead of them.

How We Work

We care about our people and offer you an ecosystem that enables you to build a career with us.

Our consulting services, targeted coaching, support, and governance assist financial service providers in providing high-quality financial instruments and services that contribute to a world with economic opportunity for all.

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We make equity and quasi-equity investments in companies that expand, improve, and accelerate financial inclusion around the globe.

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We partner with groups to keep our work generating new products, markets, and policies going.

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We perform rigorous research and fight for evidence-based reform in order to develop inclusive financial systems for billions of people who lack the tools they require to better their lives and succeed.

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Industry Wide Success

We work with a large number of clients from various industries, including:

Pharma & Life Sciences,
Digital healthcare



Saas, Edutech,

Pharma & Life Sciences,
Digital healthcare



Saas, Edutech,

Our Forum/Resources

We're excited to learn more about you. We use this form to capture some basic information about you and to track & schedule further discussions. The form also helps us reduce email clutter and always ensure a response to the startups that reach out to us. We understand your time is valuable, so we have kept it short and will try to ensure as quick a turnaround as we can.

Our Products

With Stratvisors capital and a deep involvement strategy, we are committed to staying biased towards action and pulling the best resources together to help Indian entrepreneurs deliver audacious results.

The UFO Entrepreneurship Program is created for the age group 13+ years.

Inclite automates the entire student lifecycle in a University, School, or Institute. It issecured.


The Enterprise/venture should have a unique business plan, a sizable target market, a team with specialised knowledge, and defendable USPs.

Expertise, experience, and empathy provide precise strategic assistance. Our founders and partners have already established and expanded multi-million dollar companies all around the world. We work with our portfolio and client companies in both a hands-on and hands-off manner.

For M&A/Divestment/ Growth capital/Access to Strategies/Special Situations (Buy/sell side):
1. Healthcare - Tertiary care, Medical diagnostic, Generics mix, Hospital, Pharma, Biotech, genetics
2. Animal Health/Feed & Pet care, Veterinary services
3. Food Products manufacturing / Beverage - Alcoholic / non alcoholic
4. Life Sciences / Bioscience
5. Power & EPC Infra: Renewable energy- EV/Solar/Hydro
6. Fertilizers/Seed companies/super speciality chemicals/Agri inputs
7. Educational: Regulated/Unregulated, State/Higher education, K-12, International schools, Colleges, Universities, Institutions
8. Any Manufacturing

For IB startups:
1. Fintech (B2B)
2. Healthtech
3. Edutech
4. Agritech
5. Clean Tech, EV, Mobility(smart mobility)

Companies young or yet to raise fund:
1. Help them on Business Planning
2. IM, Pitch Deck, Financial Modelling
3. Plugging Founders

The quick answer is that you don't need to worry about connecting with the "proper" companion. Our partner profiles can assist you discover more about them and their areas of interest. We collaborate and pool our resources, and we always direct opportunities to the most qualified candidates. When you ignore one of us, you ignore all of us.

Each year, we commit to a small number of collaborations with businesses that establish markets and define categories. We are actively involved partners who put in the work and commit decades of expertise establishing companies to assisting entrepreneurs in realising their full potential.

Our founders characterize us as patient, relentless, and focused on our convictions. Because we take our work seriously, we pick our words carefully. Although we are commonly referred to as Professionals, it is not how we think. We view ourselves as long-term partners.

Contact Us

You can reach out to us in the following ways:

Email us directly at [email protected] we’ll discuss these deals once a week and get back to you if we find the proposition interesting. You can speak to our founders, understand more about us. We definitely provide more weightage to these deals.

You can schedule a chat with anyone from our team