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UFO Olympiad

The UFO Entrepreneurship Program is created for the age group 13+ years.

It’s a structured program... with Mentoring, Access to Seed Capital, Access to Investors, the opportunity for Internships and a lifelong association with the Global UFO Leaders’ Community

We envisage a futuristic world that is helmed by bright young minds, geared to bring about a positive environment to co-exist in a mutually-beneficial format.

The course aims at being not only a format for information and knowledge dissemination but has a much higher objective of imparting a valuable Life Skill, that of ‘Being Aware and Being Instinctive’.

Our module-based UFO (Unicorn Futuring Olympiad) Program is designed to develop and continue to enhance the skill set of our Youth, the future generation of Global Leaders.

The Modules have holistic coverage by way of

Information and Knowledge,

Application, Conduct and Action and above all

Enhanced EQ & Professional Acumen

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