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Investment Management | Special Situations

We are an independent boutique team that works with businesses and their stakeholders to complete unique scenario transactions. We offer full investment banking services to our clients, including mergers and acquisitions, private placements, financial restructurings, valuations, litigation, and strategic advising.

Transaction Advisory

The Stratvisors Deal Advisory Services Group works with private equity firms, corporate acquirers, and hedge funds to identify and optimise value throughout the transaction lifecycle.

Stratvisors assists fast-growing, dynamic businesses in navigating difficult transactions – whether purchasing or selling – with speed and agility. We assist customers in solving problems, managing risk, and seizing chances to unlock their potential for growth, from deal strategy to due diligence and integration of a new firm. Our excellent client service is based on one-on-one engagement with senior partners and direct access to subject matter specialists who have a full understanding of your business's goals, strategy, and approach.

We provide a variety of investment banking services, including sell side advisory, buy side advisory, management buyouts, restructurings, and capital raising, as a recognised advisor on midsize mergers and acquisitions.

Buying or selling a business or a key asset, completing a merger, or conducting an IPO can all destroy value if not properly planned and executed. When negotiations span many jurisdictions, the difficulties and risks multiply. Stratvisors Transaction Services can provide advice on all of these different elements. Our goal is to create and preserve value for the clients of our firms.

Private Equity

We are convinced that the majority of high-growth enterprises in the Indian subcontinent require more than just finance. We at Stratvisors strive to combine a hands-on, active, and operational approach with a commitment to multiply capital. This allows us to not only generate superior and consistent returns, but also manage risk more effectively.

Debt Syndication

The Debt Syndication team offers firms a comprehensive solution to their fund-raising needs, whether for new project execution or general corporate reasons, via the banking sector or the broader debt markets. Our professionals' guidance is backed up by a thorough awareness of the issues at hand and the challenges that our customers face, as well as connections to financial markets, in-depth sector knowledge, and effective negotiation skills.

Financial Advisory

Our Financial Accounting Advisory Services teams use their broad skills to assemble worldwide, multi-disciplinary teams. We have extensive industry knowledge to assist you in navigating the complicated financial difficulties that your company faces. To each engagement, we contribute substantial commercial experience, compliance knowledge, and a global network of industry specialists.

Strategic Consultancy

We concentrate on the financial, operational, strategic, and regulatory demands of enterprises, with the goal of maximising the organization's total growth.

  • Business Advisory & Strategy Consulting
  • Financial Advisory
  • Strategic & Risk Advisory
  • Pitch Book Consulting
  • Strategic Consulting services are designed to provide solutions to high-level strategic issues confronting governments and businesses, with a focus on strategic topics such as Public Sector Policy & Governance Strategy, Techno-Economic Strategy, Corporate Strategy, Organizational Strategy, and Functional Strategy.

    Advisory Services

    Our advisory assignments involve strategic and financial issues critical to the clients. Our unique solutions and problem-solving perspective enable us to evaluate competitive positioning, identify synergies, uncover opportunities and challenges, and help our clients to understand, prioritize, and act on business issues that are most crucial for their long-term success.

    Start up Advisory

    • Technology
    • Patents
    • Structure
    • Documentation
    • SEBI
    • RBI

    Arbitration & Litigation

    • Commercial Litigation
    • Banking and Finance Litigation
    • Real Estate litigation
    • Arbitration – Domestic and International
    • Intellectual Property Litigation
    • Corporate & Securities Law litigation

    Corporate and Commercial

    • Mergers, Acquisitions & Joint Ventures
    • Private Equity & Venture Capital
    • Inbound and outbound Investments
    • Business transfers
    • Commercial Agreements General Corporate advice

    Capital Markets

    • Securities Law and SEBI Related matters
    • IPO
    • Rights Issues

    Advisory and foreign Investment

    • Foreign Exchange management Act (FEMA)
    • External Commercial Borrowings (ECB)
    • Inbound and outbound Investments
    • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
    • Overseas Direct Investment (ODI)
    • Representation before SIA, FIPB, RBI

    Intellectual Property

    • Trademarks & Copyrights
    • Licenses and assignment of IP
    • Franchising

    Engineering Offerings

    Our Full Stack development team combines the present and the future to create cutting-edge system solutions designed to improve user experience. Our tech pacers expertly uncover client pain points.

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