Please find a list of questions about your founding team and your company. If we like what we see, we will interview the founders in person.

Investment Form

Thank you for taking the time out to apply to Stratvisors. Your answers will help us better understand what drives you as a dreamer, maker and creator. Most importantly, it will help us understand whether we are the right Advisors for you.

    Here are a few boxes we'd like you to tick before you consider applying to us.

  • We like to invest in companies that have had some degree of customer validation - product in the market, at least one paying customer, etc.
  • We prefer ventures with a strong tech spine. Pure brand plays and Blume have historically never gone well together.
  • We are fairly flexible on the investment quantum. These stake requirements reflect the depth and extent of support we provide to the start-up - from fundraising and hiring to business development etc. They also anticipate the rounds of dilution that every successful start-up will undergo, and the desired holding that we need to hold at the point of exit.

Contact Us

You can reach out to us in the following ways:

Email us directly at [email protected] we’ll discuss these deals once a week and get back to you if we find the proposition interesting. You can speak to our founders, understand more about us. We definitely provide more weightage to these deals.

You can schedule a chat with anyone from our team